Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Well these illustrations will make any Dancers happy

My passion for Dance is not a new thing to know for those who follow me on Blogger, Facebook or Instagram. True that, if someone asks me what I love doing most, then that is to Dance. Anything related to it excites me. Be it the practice at class, or performing on stage or listening to the bols or remembering steps or watching someone performing on stage or reading anything about Dance .. Today on Facebook I have found few illustrations made by Graphic Designer and a Bharatnatyam Dancer / Teacher Akshay Ayre and they made me so so happy that I could not resist myself from writing on my blog. Thought to share it through all of you and I am sure you would love it.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

আমার শৈশবের Darjeeling টা - Heaven of Million Fireflies

While thinking of the post title, nothing got in my mind when it was about Darjeeling except the famous song of Anjan Dutt which we all Bengalis are much fond of. But of course, I was never born and brought up in Darjeeling like Anjan Dutt, rather this was the first time I could make my trip to Darjeeling. For all the Bengalis, Digha-Puri-Darjeeling (Di-Pu-Da) is like daal-bhaat-machh. You will hardly find any Bengalis who haven't made several trips to these three places. Feeling ashamed to share but I was one of those unlucky people who have been only listening about Darjeeling since nursery but never could make the trip to one of the oldest Indian hill stations. Well I must admit, Darjeeling is beautiful. It is crowded I agree but if you are not in hurry and you want to experience the lifestyle of Darjeeling, you can surely make it. I know, people who have already been to Darjeeling for several times may think of this post getting dragged and monotonous. I must tell you, I will be sharing something which most of the travelers won't share. So keep on scrolling down and just read ..

Let's not get into much on the must visited places. You can check Tripadvisor for that. I am going to share some pictures of the famous places I visited though. Instead, I will be sharing about two cafe's which you must visit if you visit Darjeeling. One is the famous Keventers and the other is Tom & Jerry's. I bet many of you have visited Keventer's already and experienced the scenic view of Kanchanjangha while having the sip of hot coffee, but about the later one ? No right (hopefully) 
We statyed at Dr. Zakir Husaain road near chowrasta. It was the end of May. but the clouds were very much enthusiastic to shower heavy rains. It was typical monsoon over the hills. While walking down to chowrasta, Papa opted for this cafe. It was small, very small cafe. As the name is, Tom & Jerry - the famous childhood characters, the cafe was themed on it and escorted with some lite jazz music. Hardly 10-15 people can have their snacks at a time. But I must say, it was that cozy and feel fresh type, I couldn't move. We had hot coffees and snacks and explored the cafe more. Wherever I was looking, I was finding small sticky notes scattered here and there. Notes of all the visitors from different corners of the world. I was wondering, wow !! is this cafe so famous ? Everywhere I was reading about Anurag. Anurag, the owner or host I should call him as.. Anurag and his sister were behind the concept of this innovative cafe. What I loved was their lingering big smiles and the warm behaviour. I asked who is Tom and who is Jerry out of you two ? Then Anurag smiled and said, he is Tom ofcourse and his sister is Jerry. and she patted her back with a big laugh. Let me share the pictures here. You will love it.

Brother Sister DUO ... 

I am not willing to write much on Darjeeling and it's beauty because I know it will sound not so exciting. I even visited Mirik. I can say only one thing that is, I have visited many hillstations, but the beauty of Darjeeling will remain different and unique although it is becoming crowded day by day. You must have to have that heart of seeing the crowded hills to find the beauty within because, at night it feels like heaven of  million fireflies. The peace of hills with the twinkling lights over it will surely make you feel somewhere at the doorstep of heaven and it would be even better if you are standing in your balcony, feeling the chilled wind all around your neck & ears while sipping some hot Darjeeling Tea .. Feel it and fly along with it.

Scroll down for more pictures.

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Monday, 10 April 2017


ক্যালেন্ডার এর পাতায় শুধু  একটুখানি চাওয়া 
হাতের কড়ে  একক, দশক শতক হয়ে যাওয়া 
দিন গুনতে  গুনতে বুঝি ধৈর্য  কাকে বলে 
গভীর নিঃশ্বাসের ফাঁকে শুধু সময় বয়ে চলে 

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Thursday, 6 April 2017

Talk to yourself...

Sometimes our mind becomes so clumsy that we forget what we need actually and what we are asking for. In this process we loose our valuable time of LIFE. To make it clear, we must talk to ourselves, give lone time to spend time with our heart. Because our brain and mind need to communicate sometimes. Life is all about acquiring happiness in everything. Isn't it ? Then why making it messy when we can make it quite clear and peaceful. 

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Monday, 30 January 2017

ঘরে ফেরার গান।

অনেক মাস পর বাড়ি ফিরলে, কেমন যেন একটা মানসিক উদ্বেগ কাজ করে। আমার সাত মাস পর ঘরে ফেরা হলো। আসার আগের দিন থেকে ঘুম ছিল না চোখে, মন টা উড়ু উড়ু ছিল। মাথায় শুধু কিছু জিনিস ঘুরছিলো। মা পাপার মুখ, বাড়ির খাবার, লেপের তলা , বাংলা হরফ, স্টেশনের পাশের ফুচকা, হাই স্কুলের আলুকাবলি, আমার ঘরের বিছানার উপর সকালের পড়ন্ত রোদটা, জানালার গ্রীল দিয়ে দেখা সবুজ বাড়িটা, অটো করে বেলঘরিয়া যাওয়াটা, বেলঘরিয়া স্টেশন আর গলির রাস্তা যেটা আমার নাচের স্কুলে মেশে, এটা ওটা সেটা অনেককিছু। আর আসার পর ক্ষনিকের জন্য অপেক্ষা না করে সব জিনিস গুলোকে প্রাণ ভরে মেখে নিয়েছি। এখন আমার "ঘর" পর্যায়ের অন্তিম ক্ষণ। আর কিছু দিন আছি আর ভাবছি ফিরে যাওয়ার পর কি কি মনে পড়বে। হয়তো মনে পড়বে, গঙ্গাঘাট টার কথা আর তার সাথে সেই বুঁদবুঁদগুলোকে যেগুলো গঙ্গা জল ভরার সময় দেখতে পাচ্ছিলাম আমার হাতে ধাক্কা খাচ্ছিলো , হয়তো বা মনে পড়বে পিকনিক থেকে বাস এ ফেরার পথে সামনের লরিটার পিছনে "যাত্রা শুভ হোক" আর "HORN OK PLEASE" লেখাটা, বা চলতি বাংলা অদম্য সিরিয়ালগুলোর কানে ভেসে আশা ঘ্যানঘ্যানে গানগুলো বা রিক্সার ভেঁপুর আওয়াজটা , বা মাসির বাড়ির ছাদে দাঁড়িয়ে চক্র রেলের লাইন দেখাটা বা ট্রেনের whistle নাকি শুধু মনে পড়বে মাছের বাজার আর মাছ কেনা বেচার হিড়িকগুলোকে। কি জানি।

কি জানি কিসের লাগি প্রাণ করে হায় হায় !

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Saturday, 31 December 2016

Happy New Year 2017 ...

On 1st January, 2016 I decided to keep a note on all the upcoming good things & not any bad or negative ones and I did.. Today on the last day of the year when I see that notebook, I can find more than 40 good things happened to me .. and it is not that these all were so big incidents. Even when I found the first flower blooming on my new flower pot, I noted it, or when I received my first pen friend's letters from Malaysia, I made note or when I took my parents out to dinner, I made a note. I noted single little things which made me feel LIFE IS GOOD and it is a BLESSING to have human life... And believe me as I didn't note down any negative feelings which did hurt me most.. I don't even remember them today, neither do I want to remember...so yes 2016 was a great year indeed ... I never expect anything from life nor do I plan my future. I love the flow of life & I want to live happily ever after, twirl my mind freely, pour it with love, joy and openness and with all such activities which helps me to nourish my soul...
I wish everyone a HAPPY & PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR IN ADVANCE... 2017 should be good to all.. and yes, try noting all your little good things that will make you smile. It feels great to see them at the end of the year...

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Monday, 26 December 2016

Dhakkad Dangal - This is what I call Women Empowerment

Well, this one was the best end of Bollywood reels of this year I can say. It is been months I have left writing review hence this is also not a movie review. Dangal was not only a movie but a educative slap to all those male chauvinists and to all those creepy women who define feminism in some utter bullshit .. Even I was unaware of Mahavir Singh Phogat & his struggle to make his daughters to shine bright like diamonds. When I first saw the trailer, I knew this was going to be a Dhakkad movie. I googled and was overwhelmed by the culture Mahavir Singh Phogat had in his mind. In spite of hailing from Haryana, a state where honor killing ratio and female foeticide ratio is higher, he had the guts and bravery in him to bring out his two daughters in wrestling. His struggle to polish up his daughters are out of imagination.While watching the movie, I was awestruck. Imagine in real how they had done this all. I hope, all the parents who think having a girl child is like a burden and marriage is the ultimate goal to complete a womanhood will get some lesson from this & at last but not the least, to those women who  yell about Feminism and demand their rights verbally or over social media but in reality love to own husbands identity, money and wealth like selfish cats, please do something useful and grow as a better version of yourself. Better yourself day by day. Feminism and Women empowerment is not only about yelling against men, it is about yelling against what you can't do and what you have to do ... 

P.S one thing I would love to say here  - apart from the topic feminism, in each and every scenes whenever I was seeing Amir Khan was living his heart out to teach his students the best, I could see two faces. One, my parents and Two, my dance teacher. It is true, no one can succeed without a proper trainer. My parents, for whom I have got all the enthusiasm to indulge myself in different activities and to live my life in my own terms without having to listen about Marriage and secondly, my dance teacher for whom in last 6 years I have learned a lot, lot and lot. Starting from Odissi to growing interest in Yoga, from gaining patience and dedication towards something and of course to never say No to anything because she made me believe, everything is possible if we want to do .. Many a times, I told I can't do this. She immediately replied, you can .. I don't know anything else. You have to and I think that helped me a lot personally too. Love and Respect for the real Mahavir Singh Phogat, Geeta & Babita Phogat, to the crew of Dangal (tremendous effort by the four girls - kudos) and My parents and My madam.

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